Free Traffic from a free script on free web hosting - Too good to be true?   The pros and cons.

"Video Niche Sites" run simple php scripts which can get you literally hundreds of thousands of pages indexed in search engines.  Most of these sites get large daily traffic, 24 hours a day.  They use very little bandwidth, and you can get thousands upon thousands of new and unique visitors every day.

first take a look at this example video niche site

The good points

There are many free and low cost video niche scripts available! (just Google or Bing for  "video niche script"). And they can make money!  Yes, you guessed it, they earn money with pay per click ads (not adsense!) and unobtrusive banners. But that is only the beginning of the story. A separate video niche site can be used to drive really good relevant traffic to your main web site and you can still earn some banner revenue!

These Video Niche scripts can pull in huge amounts of traffic to their site. But it is not targetted traffic. But you want TARGETTED Traffic, right?  So what is the use of 10,000 hits if they are all garbage?

Finally a real use for all this non-targetted traffic! 

There is a very simple, elegant way to "swap" this "garbage traffic" on a video niche site for good quality relevant traffic directed to your main web site...... 

Using a banner exchange system where I get a "credit" for each banner (like the one above) shown on my site.  I can "sell" these back to the exchange and get paid by PayPal a small amount for each "credit" if I  wish,  but what is of more use to me is that I can also use the credits to "buy" banners to drive traffic to one of my other web sites. (a product site, which sells something).

So now you are seeing how these "useless" non-targetted traffic numbers can be swapped for targetted traffic.  OK, the "exchange rate" is 2 for 1.  I get one credit for every two banners shown on my site, but on a video niche site with, say only 10,000 hits a day, I'm getting 5,000 banner credits.

With these banner credits I can get a banner for one of my other web sites shown to a targetted audience on a web site with content more relevant to the site I am promoting (eg. computers, automotive, arts and crafts, etc).  I can also choose to cash-in some of the credits and receive a paypal payment.

So for the cost of a free download, or a very cheap video niche script, I have got a site which can earn me some extra cash, or get me some good quality traffic for my main site, or both.

The not so good points

The way these scripts work is by generating hundreds of thousands of dynamic pages which search engines find and index (don't worry, they don't "exist" on your server).  So that's a bad point is it? Well, it can be.  Sooner or later they are going to index the inevitable pages generated which include "bad words" if your script does not have a "bad words filter". Some search engines will regard this as inappropriate content and un-index the whole site.  Google might even suspend your adsense account (but there are plenty of alternative pay-per-click earners around to choose from).

It really annoyed me when Google suspended my Adsense account because of "inappropriate content" (their words) on one of my video niche sites. That site was one which only showed videos and content from YouTube, and they were virtually begging people to "embed this video"....   and who own's YouTube.... yup, Google.  But all's well that ends well, I actually made more from showing banners than I ever made from Adsense

You see a pattern form where these sites gradually "build up" the numbers of hits over a few weeks until the peak at very respectable numbers. However, if you use statcounter or analytics, you find that a LOT of the traffic is coming from search queries which range from perfectly normal and relevant to your site, right through to the outright bizarre and disturbingly weird. Plus a huge amount in languages you don't recognise.

The site given as an example gets virtually no traffic from but vast amounts from Google in non-English languages, and still gets plenty from Bing and all the other search engines. (Believe me, there are a LOT of other search engines!)

So is that really a bad point? I'm still getting 1000s and 1000s of hits every day, and most of them are not coming from Google.

So lets get this straight:  A video niche site can get huge traffic, but Google won't like it?

That about sums it up. So heed this!  you need your niche site very separate to any other site you are hoping to keep well in with Google search.