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Are Links Out are as important as links in?

Who you link TO can be more important than you could imagine!  Don't believe it?  Then ask yourself why you are NOT PENALISED in search if your get links from "bad" or not relevant sites, but you can get badly penalised for linking to "bad" sites.  

That's because it would be all to easy for the less scrupulous webmaster to completely screw over the competition by submitting his competitor's links to 1000s of poor directories and bad-neighbourhood sites.

But by Linking TO a few good "Authority" sites, you may increase your credibility with the Search engines. If you only link out to reputable, useful sites, some of that will rub off on your site, and at the end of the day it makes your own site more useful to visitors.

This is why some sites who rank very high in search can appear to have surprisingly few incoming links. An outgoing link can be valuable to you, as well as the linked site.

Whilst you can make small change by including affiliate codes in these links, they may get spotted in the algorithms, and that might trash the outgoing link's SEO value.

If you notice on this site, I have no affiliate codes whatsoever in any of my text links, just honest straightforward links