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How to find relevant link partners

For the most relevant sites which accept link submissions, directories or link exchanges:  paste this into your search engine and add your own keywords!


YOUR KEYWORD(s) HERE + "add url" + directory +search +(submit OR sponsor OR categories OR "add a site" OR "add URL" OR listing)


and here is a dynamite way of finding 1000s of sites which use the linkman reciprocal link engine!  Just put this in your search (include the quotation marks)

  "Powered by PHP Link manager from php scripts"

The first formula will find you a huge amount of potential sites where you can place a link or a directory listing etc. It is regarded as important that your links are placed on relevant sites. The more relevant the site is to your key word(s) and the more relevant those key-words are to your site or landing page the better.

By using the first formula, you can actually see which sites your chosen search engine (google, bing or whatever) thinks is "relevant".

The second search will bring you in virtually all the world's users of LinkManager that are indexed by the search engine (if they are not indexed they may even be blacklisted, so we won't miss them).

This also raises the point that there is more than one search engine, so don't just restrict yourself to Google!

You will quickly find that many of the sites appear fairly value-less at the moment ,low rank or  no page rank,  new directories etc.  However, many of these sites page rank goes up and down!  Our own reciprocal link page running a free version of linkman, for example (add your link page) has cycled up and down a few times, between PR0 and PR3.  So add your link at every opportunity, and don't ignore no-follow links:  Plenty of no-follow links do appear in search results.

Once you get the hang of using these search formulae, you can try a few adaptations, changing some of the terms/words to suit your own needs (eg add in "suggest site" or "suggest" or "add your link").  I've just given you a basic starter formula.  

Note that these searches are Best used in conjunction with SEOQUAKE tool (free) and then you can see the page rank of your prospective link pages in the search results, as well as lots of other useful SEO related information


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