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How to submit your site to DMOZ

Let's dispel some myths and cut through the rubbish that is often talked about DMOZ.

... it isn't there to help you with your site promotion or to get your site higher in the search results. It is owned by AOL. It forms the basis of (amongst others) Google's directory. is a categorized "catalogue" of web sites, edited by people.  The editors are by volunteers. Their job is to catalogue and categorize the web sites which have value to visitors and unique, useful content and information, and that is it.

Submitting your site to DMOZ If you want your site considered, you have to make it easy for them by requesting the right category. If you submit to the wrong category, it may be some time before an editor moves it to the right category, and that not only takes time, it can often be a bit of a pain in the ass for the editor, specially if the volunteer part time editor is busy. He or she may well leave it sitting until he/she "has time". After all they will be prioritising a queue of correctly submitted entries for their own "Cat" (category).  It may just get deleted :(    Remember, the Open Directory (DMOZ) is human-edited, and that means human nature has to be taken into account.

First rule:    The most important thing!  Submit your site to the proper DMOZ category in the first place

Pay particular attention to these points (*source The open Directory Project) and then make sure you Read and understand these DMOZ submission guidelines  If you do ANY of the things listed as "Do Not" you are screwed and you have only yourself to blame. And even if your site does sneak in, it may soon get deleted from the ODP (DMOZ) - or worse.

 Second Rule:

Third Rule

Remember that it can take some time for a human to get round to looking at your submission, specially in "popular" categories with lots of submissions each day.  Sometimes sites get into the directory the same or next day, or in a few days, other times they may take 6 months or a year.

Note that you won't be informed if your site is rejected.

Benefits of listing in  DMOZ

Well, for a start it can't do any harm, whatever you have heard or read.  We have already discussed that the Open Directory forms the basis of 1000s of other directories and databases, so you never know who may use DMOZ data to create their own links pages or directories in the future.  You may get a good Page Rank link out of it, but that isn't the point of listing in DMOZ, its just a bonus if it happens.

Myths:  poor design will get me rejected  = BUSTED 

add your site to the open directory - DMOZ